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Moving cows

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10/20/2016 06:34 AM

Greetings from Tink World! 


If you've been to the farm, you know that the dirt road cuts the farm in half. You can drive down the road and see the cows, pigs and most of our land. You can see the chickens when you pull into the yard. So, moving them from pasture to pasture sometimes means we have to block the road to move them across.

Each pasture is different. They all have a water trough for fresh water, they all have trees for ample shade and they are all cut down into smaller paddocks. Using electric fence, we are able to make smaller paddocks to ensure the cows eat all or most of the grass before moving them to the next paddock. 

You see, cows, especially younger steers, tend to be a little picky. So, the paddocks keep them from moving on the the next blade of grass before they've done their job of mowing the grass in that paddock. It sort of makes them eat everything instead of wasting, if you will. 

When moving them, we allow them to graze the sides of the road too. The grass on the sides of the road doesn't get much grazing. So, it's appealing to them. You can usually find at least one cow with their head through the fence trying to get the greener grass on the other side. Sometimes, they even get down on their front knees to get a better angle. It's kind of a funny sight to see a cow/steer with their butt in the air trying to get the grass on the other side of the barbed wire. 

It's now time for a Tink update! As of today, we have raised almost exactly $8000 for TInk's stem cell treatment! That's almost exactly half of the total amount of $16,000 that we need. We are getting closer to scheduling the appointment. So, keep sharing the campaign and purchase your raffle tickets if you haven't already! 

To those of you who've already donated and/or bought tickets, thank you! You have no idea what this means to us. It's humbling to know that so many people are willing to help Tink in her journey towards better health! 

Don't forget to come see us tomorrow at the Decatur Farmers Market on Saturday! We will have some sort of special. Plus, lots of ground beef, roasts and pork for your menu! 

Well, that's all for now. Have a great rest of the week. We'll see you at the market!


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