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07/11/2016 08:43 AM

Greetings from Tink World!

Before we jump into the blog, we wanted to remind you that we'll making Augusta/Evans deliveries on Tuesday (tomorrow). So, get your orders in by 11 a.m. tomorrow. We'll be meeting at 5 p.m. in the parking lot where Red Clay Market was, near Smallcakes. Also, we will be attending the Decatur Farmers Market on Saturday, July 16th. So, you can plan ahead and/or place an order by emailing us at See you soon!

What’s in the Beef?

By: Rebecca Ewing

Why Tink’s Beef is the best natural beef around.

A rich, flavorful smell fills the room. I always know when Tink’s Beef is cooking on the stove as opposed to any other beef. When I started using Tink’s Beef, I was surprised at the difference in depth of flavor it had to other beef that I had purchased!

But why? Tink’s Beef is the only beef I know where you can truly say that it’s all-natural and chemical-free.  While many perceive the all-natural push as marketing propaganda, Tink’s Beef truly delivers on your being able to be sure that you know precisely what’s in your beef, and the difference is easy to taste! It makes for one tasty burger! The owner of Tink’s Beef goes the extra mile that other farmers don’t in order to make sure that her beef has the highest quality.

Do you know what’s in your beef?

Most consumers don’t. Many rely on the USDA symbol on packaging, thinking that’s all the stamp of approval they need for all-natural beef. But while there are some government regulations that are required to gain that symbol, most do not realize that the beef they are purchasing is far from chemical-free. Tink’s Beef is the only beef that truly delivers the taste and the purity all-natural claims.

         1. Tink’s Beef is Grass-fed from birth.

Did you know that when a package says “grass-fed beef,” it only has to be fed beef the last 30 days to be able to put that label on the packaging?

Most beef farmers feed their cows a corn/grain mixture to fatten the cows. This practice actually messes with the flavor profile of the beef since grass is the usual natural diet of cows. And since most of our grains are GMO within the US, the meat of these cattle obey the “you are what you eat” rule; and the quality of the meat suffers. In fact, studies from a growing concern over GMOs in the world regarding pesticide companies like Monsanto show that not only are GMOs and pesticides more harmful to humans than realized, but also the average American consume 10x the amount of GMOs and pesticides than the rest of the world’s citizens.

But while many are understanding the benefits of grass-fed beef. Most don’t realize that many companies can put the label “Grass-fed” on their beef while majorly supplementing with other kinds of feed to the point to where the cows could have been completely grain-fed and only changed diets within the last 30 days! UGH!

        2.    Tink’s Beef is completely free of preservatives, hormones, and anti-biotics.

Why is home-made usually the best? Because the preservatives we put in food to make it “safe” for our shelves for months at a time actually makes our food taste worse- not to mention the long term effect it has on our health!

And then there are the anti-biotics and hormones. Most farmers inject their cows with hormones and high-powered anti-biotics to speed up the growth process of their cattle.  Make no mistake, these drugs get into the meat, and studies are showing that these drugs in our meat are directly linked to developmental issues within children, allergy development, and reproductive challenges (such as infertility and cancer).

But with Tink’s Beef, the cows are never given anti-biotics or hormones or preservatives of any kind! It’s nice to know that Tink’s stamp of approval is much higher than an USDA stamp.

3.    Tink’s Beef is free from chemical butchering and packaging processes.

So, here’s the big one: a farmer may raise their beef on all grass and doesn’t inject with harmful drugs, but what happens to the meat when it goes to be butchered and packaged? Most all-natural farmers are not aware of the practices of their butchers and packagers, not knowing that their uncontaminated beef is about to lose their purity status.

Butchering and packaging companies have even fewer regulations on their process, and these companies are rarely concerned about putting the all-natural label on their products.  Most of these companies use chemicals in their processes. For an example, most of the time in the butchering process, they will use a citric acid (preservative chemical) wash on the meat for “sanitary purposes.” Also, the packaging that is used for a lot meats contain chemical powders that covers the meat before being put in their plastic pouches. So much for preservative and chemical free!

But what makes Tink’s Beef so unique is that the owner goes with her livestock when they are being butchered and packed to personally make sure that her meat remains pure and uncontaminated! What a relief!

Tink’s Beef is a provider you can trust to be truly grass-fed and preservative, hormone, and anti-biotic free! And the taste is so robust and flavorful that you will not ever have to sacrifice flavor for eating healthy again!

So, for your next cookout, try Tink’s Beef when you’re grilling steaks and burgers. You will enjoy an amazing burger with a peace of mind that no one else can provide.

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