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Stem Cell Therapy

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09/13/2016 06:17 PM

Greetings from Tink World!

Well, exciting things are on the horizon. Tink has been accepted as a candidate for stem cell therapy at StemGenex. Basically, they render the stem cells from her belly fat and use them where they are needed most. By using her own stem cells, the body is less likely to reject them. The therapy has a 92% success rate at helping the side effects of MS and stopping the progression of MS. This is huge! 

How does stem cell therapy work? It's an intervention that allows the body to self-renew, self-heal. The therapy hasn't been approved by the FDA and is still pretty new in the U.S. 

Why are we telling you this? Well, Tink needs help raising the money to receive the therapy. Since it's not covered by insurance, all cost is out of pocket. 

We will have a few fundraisers coming up, but we also started a GoFundMe page.  Any amount you give will be used solely for the therapy. If we should surpass our goal, we will use the money to help another MS patient receive the therapy. Please take the time to read the campaign. It will shed light on just how debilitating this disease can be. Also, please share the campaign on your socal media or through email with friends/family. 

Tink has given so much to this company, to her customers. It's time that we help Tink reach her best. After all, she's given everything to us. 

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