What we produce at Tink's Grass-Fed Beef...

most importantly we produce GRASS.

After our animals eat the grass, we process them into many cuts. Below is a pretty common  list of the cuts we offer.


Steaks:  Filet Mignon, Rib eye, New York Strip, Sirloin, Flank Steak, Skirt Steak, Butcher Steak, Round Steak, Cubed Steak, Brisket, Chuck Eye, Flat Iron

Roasts:  Chuck Roast, Shoulder Roast, Sirloin Tip, Eye Of Round, Rump Roast, Stew Meat

Specialty Products:  Liver, Hearts, Kidneys, Tongue, Tallow

Bones:  Dog Bones, Meaty Soup Bones, Short Ribs, Marrow Bones, Knuckle/Joint Bones


Sausage (mild and spicy), Ground Pork, Pork Chops, Spare Ribs, Shoulder Roast, Boston Butt, Cubed Ham, Pork Fat, Pork Bellies, Ham Hocks, Organs

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