Here at Tink's Grass-Fed Beef we take pride in our sustainable, 100% grass-fed program. From our farm to your table, our passion for providing quality is always present. The products we offer are carefully selected from beginning to end in our farming practices. Our passion for grass farming, all natural beef and pork production and a quality final product are what drives us. If we love what we make, then you will love it too! Click here to view or download our brochure!

We travel a lot and one thing we always hear is knowing where your food comes from is becoming very important to just about everyone. 

"I had my first Tink’s beef this weekend, a sirloin steak. I was a little nervous after hearing friends say they didn’t like the taste of grass fed beef but I loved it. I cooked on a grill pan using the suggestions that were posted on your forum and it turned out great. Thanks for a great product."

Pat L.

Stockbridge, GA

Take some time to read about the benefits of a grass-fed diet. We strive to provide you with quality information about the Grass-fed world. If we have not answered a specific question for you anywhere on our site, Email us and we will be happy to help you.  We now offer online sales shipping. So, feel free to register today for FREE so when the time comes  for you to order on line, you will be all set! 



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