Frequently Asked Questions

Is there MSG in your Sausage?

Great question! NO. Not just NO, but absolutely not!

Is your beef grass-fed? 

(Seriously we get this one all of the time!) The answer is YES. We take great pride in our sustainable grass-fed cattle. All of Tink's Beef is raised the way nature intended. No growth hormones, antibiotics, or grain of any kind is given to our cows - just grass from start to finish.

Is your beef dry aged or wet aged?

Great question! Our beef is dry aged at our processing facility for a period of time that imparts marvelous flavor and texture to our beef. How long you ask? Well it is a bit of a secret and a family tradition!

Can I pick up beef or pork on your farm?

Yes! You can email or call us to schedule an appointment. You must have an appointment to pick up on the farm!

Where do you process your grass-fed beef?

We use an animal welfare approved, family owned, USDA  facility in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee. Tink, herself, is present and in charge at each step of the process from the calf to the shelf. 

Can I purchase a whole or half of a cow?

Yes. Typically we process once a month. So, depending on where we are in the cycle, you could wait for up to three weeks for your product. Email us and we will let you know how long you can expect to wait!

Is there any filler added in your ground beef?

No. Simple as that. Just grass-fed beef.  The fat to beef ratio in our ground beef is varied by the weight of each processed animal. For example, if the cow was a fatter cow, the ratio of fat to beef would be greater by a small margin compared to a leaner animal. 

Can I order your beef online and have it shipped?

Yes! You can place your order in our Farm Store! 

Will I have to fill out all of my information every time I order online?

NO! Once you register as a user and order any of our fine products, you can go to your profile, by clicking your name at the top of the screen, and see all of your orders. You can re-order there, add or remove items for the next time you order, etc. If you have any questions just shoot us an email and we will be happy to help.

Will my order be shipped frozen?

Yes, our products are frozen prior to shipment. This ensures a safe temperature of the meat when it arrives at your home. Each cooler box is kept cold with dry ice to help keep the meat frozen during transit. 

What if my order is partially thawed upon receipt?

It is possible that part of your order may not arrive completely frozen, especially during the summer months.  We suggest consuming any partially thawed beef within 7 days and pork within 5 days. If any of your order is warm to the touch, we suggest discarding that portion. We are extra careful and take as many measures as possible to be sure your order arrives in a safe condition . 

Can products be returned?

Once meat leaves our farm, we are not able to accept returns. When dealing with a perishable product, it is important to ensure that the cold chain was never broken. When the meat leaves our hands, we can not guarantee the product is safe for resell.

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