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Markets are over for the year!

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12/15/2017 06:29 AM

Greetings from Tink World! 

Well, the last market of the season is upon us. Tomorrow we will close out the year at Decatur Farmers Market. Come join us as we celebrate with the other vendors and we all get ready for the Holiday Season. We will continue the sale on NY Strips for $11.99/lb. Also, we will have the Holiday Special. 

While you're at market, be sure to stock up. We won't be returning to the market until Wednesday, January 17. Then, we will be encouraging customers to place orders. We will still have a variety of items on the truck for sale, as always. However, the freezers won't be stocked so full. 

If you need meat before the 17th, there are a few options. You can always purchase from Candler Park Market and Nature's Garden Express. Now, you can find out products at Grant Park Market! Be sure to check them out. Both Candler and Grant Park Markets serve our beef in the deli and you can find ready made options in the cold box. 

We also have a fabulous recipe to share! The recipe is for French pepper steak and is made with NY Strips. That's convenient as strips are on sale this week! Tink made this recipe recently and it was a hit! The gravy seems strange on steak, but the combination is fantastic. Head over to our Facebook page for the recipe. It's a video and is easier to share there! If you don't have Facebook, here's a link to another version of the recipe, which is equally as good. The best part is, you can make all of this on your stove top. No need to fire up the grill!

Well, that's all for now. Have a great weekend! We'll see you at market!

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