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Good Meat & Washington Market

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01/24/2018 04:57 PM

Greetings from Tink World!

Team Tink is excited to return to our home market this weekend. We will be attending the Washington Farmers Market from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. We are so excited to see everyone! The special this week includes 1 lb. of stew beef, a pack of (4) pork patties, and two NY Strips for $30. These are a few of my favorite things! The pork patties are simply ground pork with no additives. I love to add salt and pepper before grilling them. Then, top with avocado or guac and slide on a whole wheat bun or skip the bread and go bun-less. Either way, the pork patties are amazing! NY Strips will also be on sale for $11.99/lb. We will have full beef and pork inventory and have some beef and chicken broth from Bone & Co. So, be sure to get your bacon, ground beef, boston butts, and more while they are in stock!

Not all beef is created equally. We have had a lot of customers tell us over the years that our beef tastes better and different than other "grass fed beef products." When someone says this, it's almost always followed by, "What do you do differently?" 

We are biased, but have to agree. I've tried other beef in restaurants and the flavor just isn't there. Some beef tastes fishy or flavorless, while other is gamey and tastes like a mix of deer and bison. 

One reason ours tastes different is genetics. A lot of people just take whatever cows they have or can get and put them on pasture. While that will yield beef, genetics plays a big part in marbling, tenderness and the total meat yield. Tink has been raising grass fed beef for so long, that she's developed her own grass based genetics. It really is amazing the difference we see now in the meat versus when Tink started almost 18 years ago. 

Another reason Tink's Beef is flavorful is because of aging. A lot of processors will only let you hang for 3-5 days. After that, the farmer has to pay by the day to hang. A lot of beef providers don't age more than one day. The days the animals spend hanging are days they lose selling the meat. So, they don't want to waste the time aging it in the cooler. They process the animal almost as soon as it's bled out. 

Aging gives meat flavor and makes it tender. The natural enzymes and microbes help to breakdown the muscle tissue giving a tender final product. We age while the half animal hangs in a temperature control ed environment. After the perfect number of days, we process, package and quick freeze the meat. Freezing stops the growth of bacteria and kills the enzymes. This halts the aging process so the harmful bacteria is killed and the meat doesn't spoil. If the farmer or processor skips aging, it can make for a tougher and less flavorful end product. 

Age is another a factor in the end product of the meat. If you process too the animal early, you won't get enough of a yield. The steaks and roasts will be really small and not really worth packing. If you process an animal that's too old, you run the risk of a fatty, tougher animal. The longer they walk around, the more likely it is for their rump and muscle cuts will be tough.

There are other factors. These are just a few. There is a lot that goes into yielding a quality product and getting the most from your animals. While it's not rocket science, it doesn't take time, patience and knowledge to produce a grass fed beef product that tastes good and is tender. I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  know your farmer and their practices. Buying an "organic" or "grass fed" beef from your local grocer may be cheaper, but you just don't know what you're getting. Labels are a dime a dozen and really have little meaning anymore. So, know enough to know better. 

That's all for now. See you at the market!

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