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Nature's Garden Express

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09/09/2016 07:43 AM

Greetings from Tink World! 

This blog will focus on Nature's Garden Express. Before we jump into it, don't forget that we will be at the Decatur Farmers Market tomorrow. Also, we will be delivering to Augusta on Tuesday. So, if you'd like to meet us to pick up meat, shoot us an email with your order and we'll let you know when and where to meet us. Hope to see you soon!

So, what is Nature's Garden Express? They are an organic and local delivery service. You can find pretty much anything you could ever NG_BoxDelivery1.pngwant at NGE. Offerings include meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, juices, beauty products, breads and much more!  The best news is that the Atlanta area, including Tucker, Decatur and surrounding areas, receive free delivery! If you aren't in the free shipping areas, the fee is nominal. Plus, Nature's Garden Express is now shipping nationwide! So, be sure to check out shipping options for your area. 

NGE has been a huge supporter of Tink's Beef & Pork over the years. We make a monthly delivery to their warehouse in Tucker, GA. Thankfully, they operate year round. So, it helps to pick up some of the slack of markets in the off season. To be honest, they are our largest wholesaler offering the same variety of products that you can purchase from the truck. Literally, if we offer it, so do they! 

How does it work? You have the freedom to choose what you want in your box when you order. Boxes can be ordered as often as you'd like and only when you need it. You are in no way locked in to an order each week. What's available does change each week. So, you'll want to check back to see what's available. Shopping is super easy. You can choose the category and add to your order the things you need. 

Some people may think that they aren't supporting the local food movement by using Natuer's Garden. That couldn't be further from the truth. NGE works with many local farms and has the customer base to support large orders. In turn, helping the farmers fill gaps in their markets. Not to mention, that the guys at Nature's Garden are super helpful in unloading and really understanding if you can't quite fill their order. It's always a pleasure to work with these guys. And, if you need help or have questions when ordering or after your products are delivered, the team is super helpful. 

So, if you are looking to support the locals, shop organically and not have to leave your home, look no further than Nature's Garden Express. Or if you just can't get to your local farmers market this week, order through NGE. It'll definitely help fill the void! Give them a try today! You won't regret it! 

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